Aida 4

The Name AIDA

 Is an Arabic female name meaning “returning” or “gift”, also used to describe a very beautiful maiden.As the ship was a “gift” from the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, and hopefully always “returning” safely to port, the name AIDA was an excellent choice.History of Aida.


The History :

•The first AIDA, a wooden yacht of the Khedive, built in the beginning of 20th century.

• AIDA II was a lighthouse replenishment vessel which sank in the vicinity of the Brothers Lighthouse in1958.


• AIDA III (1961-1997) served as a lighthouse replenishment vessel and also a training ship starting 1973 with the establishment of STI.




The particular of Training Vessel Aida IV

Aida IV was donated by Japanese government to the Egyptian government represented by ministry of transport and the Egyptian authority for maritime safety.

- Date of keel Laying : 22nd Feb. 91

- Date of Launching : 20th Sep. 91

- Date of Launching :20th Sep.91

-Date of Delivery in Alex: 22nd Mar. 92 Mission

-Aida IV is a supply ship owned by Egyptian Government. Its keel was laid in 1991 and she start service in 1992 for supplying lighthouse in the redsea and training cadet.