Vision & Mission


To excel as one of the best sea training institutes locally and regionally and to uphold internationally recognized course of studies with an advanced academic rank. To offer the highest quality educational programs, training, research, services and to play a stellar part in all maritime transportation fields, as a foremost sea training institute in the Arab world and Africa


To develop graduates who have the ability to compete at the national and international level associate their national identity with global values engage in continuous improvement have a proficient mastery of technology respect their environment, society and ethical values excel in entrepreneurship and leadership qualities conduct research in basic and applied sciences creating a breakthrough in national development and to develop and support leading creative research groups.Our Supporting ActionsEmploy a forward-looking industry and training professionals with know-how, knowledge, competence and experience.Deliver courses through a flexible mixture of blended learning approaches.Prepare cadets for top-quality performance in a dynamic environment.Take part in industry groups and keep abreast of industry demands.Anticipate and supply the learning needs of cadets and business demands of the maritime industry. Get together with co-workers and current industry leadership to advance maritime training.Establish dedication to character and critical self-evaluation.Be candid and fair in dealing with cadets, colleagues and clients