Sunday, 28th November, 2021

Main features of the IITL Strategy

  1. Main features of the IITL Strategy
     IITL paramount professional strategic  objectives 
    are simply :
  2.  to qualify post graduate students and trainees within new horizons of development , to become active leaders in the wide fields of logistics and multimodal transport management, and to  qualify them to be capable of working efficiently as well as, enhancing creativity and future visions that lead to excellence in their relevant organizational performance .

  3. This is achieved through a state of the art education and training system based on advanced scientific studies and practical experience.
    IITL believes in the : concept of its social and
    educational responsibility towards  not only the local  community ,  but also and- on the same footing - all interested communities  in Africa and the middle East ,
  4. in order to offer the necessary enlightenment, education and training services needed by individuals and firms within the framework of global supply chain and multimodal transport in the industry at large, for nominal costs .
    A main direction in the strategic objectives of IITL  is  also :
  5. Capacity building of a new generation of young qualified lecturers / researchers in the Institute ,
  6. Capable of professionally fulfilling IITL  teaching obligations, and can tackle the requirements for researches  assigned to the Institute ,or which can be of interest to its research  goal  initiatives.
  7. After 25th January 2011, the break out date of the peaceful Egyptian People’s White Revolution, against long eras of tyranny , backwardness corruption  and powers of darkness  ,  Egypt  has  been  born  again , motivated by keen open minds and determined wills , towards enhancing reform , innovation and progress, under the slogan  freedom , justice and fraternity.
  8. Hence ,  we believe that : specialized and professional scientific researches ,              
    are presently of  great and vital importance to our nation , and are  much needed in all fields of human activities ,  and in particular the transport and logistics areas .
  9. We believe  also , that :
     the holy mission of IITL , is now devoted to mobilize highly prepared and qualified researches , to provide modern know-how and technical consultancy to the community , to share boosting efforts  towards the prospective renaissance , in the fields of supply chain management and multimodal transport .

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