Sunday, 28th November, 2021

Word of The Dean

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the International Transport and Logistics Institute (ITLI) the House of Supply Chain Education and Research Excellence.

With the growing global market and the shrinking distance between continents, global supply chain has become the leading force of international trade in fact, the world has become a one giant global supply chain that connects everything starting with the daily prices of gas to the strategic partnership between major corporations. In ITLI, we took it upon ourselves to be the leading educational premises that specialize in high studies of logistics and supply chain in the whole MENA region and we are proud to claim that we were the seed of developing supply chain and logistics in our society. There is an old saying that reaching the top might be easy but staying on top is the challenge, and we did take up the challenge.

Through our continuous developments, the International Transport and Logistics Institute has followed the highest standards and provided the latest teaching techniques to provide the state-of-the art education in North Africa and Middle East. We have been able to build a solid educational beacon that is headed to by thousands of scholars and researchers that look for the highest levels of education that match and challenge those in Europe and North America. Through e-learning, our candidates have been able to have full access to our curriculums, programs and research resources from anywhere in the world. The e-learning eliminates redundancy, saves time and facilities the educational process to our candidates that their nature of business or field of work may not allow them a full time presence thus keeping the candidates involved in their programs regardless of their locations or timings.

We also believe in ITLI that education needs the support of the practical experiences therefore we made sure that our educational experience was provided with the industrial participation whether by seminars, visits or even recruiting the figures of industry to assist in the teaching process to introduce a unique mix between the academics and the real market experience. Our efforts do not stop there. We believe that education is a cooperative process and only when you share your knowledge and experience you are able to improve yourself. This is why ITLI collaborates with the highest educational entities across the globe in conducting researches and creating partnerships. These partnerships will help our candidates become more recognizable and facilitate their further studies anywhere around the world.

What makes ITLI one of a kind is our tireless search for improvement and our desire to stay the best.  This is why we are confident that we are going to provide you with the best educational experience available in the market, because we have pioneered in qualifying educational leaders and industrial professionals in Egypt, the Arab World, Middle East and Africa.

Whatever your interest, whether a potential student or research collaborator, you will find a warm welcome at the International Transport and Logistics Institute (ITLI)  .

We hope that it will not be long before you decide to join our knowledge community.


Prof. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim
Dean of the International Transport and Logistics Institute
- Cairo


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