Wednesday, 03rd June, 2020

Specialized Legal Programs Courses

Specialized Legal Programs:

1. Mediation in the settlement of international trade contracts disputes
2. Contracts Strategy and Management
3. Drafting contracts (in English)
4. Drafting contracts (in French)
5. Alternative means to settle international trade disputes
6. Investigation of maritime accidents and the safety of ships
7. Marine Insurance
8. Intellectual property rights and trademarks
9. Establishment of commercial companies and the agencies
10. Tendering Procedures & Bid Evaluation (Advanced)
11. Tenders Management (Advanced)
12. Tendering & Procurement Best Practices
13. International Trade Arbitration
14. Insurance in Maritime Transport
15. Administrative Law and International Commercial Arbitration
16. Settlement of Legal Disputes
17. Maritime Transport Law (Advanced(
18. Compensation Claims and Marine Insurance
19. Maritime Law and Marine Insurance
20. Drafting Maritime Documents
21. Development of Legal Skills, Negotiation Strategies and Contractual Drafting
22. The  Development of Legal Advising Arts
23. Advanced Management of Business Tenders and Procurement Contracts
24. Modern Standards in the Preparation and Drafting and Legal Memos
25. Achieving Excellence and Professional Legal Advice
26. Modern Preparation of Contracts Strategies
27. Integrated Program in Maintenance Contracts Management
28. Preparation, Formulation, and Implementation of Administrative Contracts
29. Development of Basic Legal Skills
30. Maritime and Commercial Arbitration 
31. Understanding Commercial Law

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