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The Maritime industry is the corner stone of the global economy, as 90% of international trade and goods' movements are undertaken by sea.During The last three decades and due to the accelerated development that has occured in the maritime industry
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To provide a highly Professional Maritime Postgraduate Programs that assist individuals who are working in various sectors of the maritime industry to promote their academic and professional carrier. Also, assist countries of the middle East region and Africa to creat...
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To become the beacon of science and the first institute in providing professional Maritime postgraduate studies in Africa and Middle East region that provide state of the art knowledge in various fields of Scientific research and optimum solution for different problems
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Objectives of MPI

Providing advanced maritime for the middle and senior management levels personnel of the various maritime sectors and develop their ability to use of new styles and applications.

Preparing qualified Arabian and African personnel who can effectively follow the accelerated development of the maritime industry and preparing them to be professional maritime management managers.

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  • Taught Postgraduate Programs

    The maritime industry is the corner stone of the global economy. As 90% of international trade and goods movements undertaken by sea, therefor there is an urgent need for well-trained candidates who are effectively able to manage the highly complex business interactions this creates.

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  • General Admission Requirements

    Post-Graduate Diplomas Qualifications

    Applicants should have Bachelor Degree or Master (Captain, shipmaster) certificate, with the exception of the Diploma of Maritime Law, which requires a Bachelor Degree in law. Applicants should acquire good command of English language.

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  • Events

    • Registration time

      The start of Postgraduate registration starts every year two times 1st semester in Spet. & 2nd semester in Feb.

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