Regulation & Ruls

Postponing, Leave of Study and Re-enrollment
a) Students who wish to postpone their studies shall consult the Student affairs coordinator
b) Students are allowed to postpone the study for 2 semesters (consecutive or separate) as per the Postgraduate executive rules (2012) clause 29 and this period is not counted from the maximum period allowed to graduate from the program.
c) The student shall complete the postponing request form (PGQMS 41/) and submit to the MPI Vice Dean for Educational Affairs for review and approval and to the MPI Dean for final approval.
d) Students are not allowed to postpone after the end of the second week of the running course and submit to the Head of Postgraduate dept. at AASTMT Deanery of Admission and Registration to take the necessary action on the system.
e) After the approval, copy of the request is kept in the student file by the MPI Student Affairs Coordinator.
f) A copy of the request is submitted to MPI Education Coordinator to update the student list database.
g) Students who wish to leave the study for any reason shall consult the education coordinator to ensure their acknowledgement of the rules and guided by the student guide and the AASTMT Postgraduate executive rules (2012) clause 29.
h) The student shall complete the Leave request form (PGQMS 42/) not after 2 weeks from the beginning of the semester, and submit to MPI Vise Dean for Student Affairs for approval and to the MPI Dean for final approval
i) A student who was on leave of study for any of the reasons for not more than 2 semesters and wish to reenroll in the program shall consult the MPI Vice Dean for student Affairs and complete the re-enrollment form (PGQMS 43/).
j) In case of leave of the study for more than 2 semesters (consecutive or separate), the approval  of the MPI Postgraduate Committee and the Vice President for postgraduate affairs after investigation of the reasons of late re-enrollment.
k) Academic Advising is provided to the students before completing the request to ensure compliance with the re-enrollment rules according to MPI student’s guide and postgraduate executive rules 2012 (clause 33) regarding the financial matters and study period.

Change /Transfer of Education Path
a) Students who wish to change their education path within the AASTMT programs, shall consult the MPI student coordinator and review the student guide and AASTMT postgraduate executive rules (2012) for acknowledgement and comply with the appropriate requirements according to the Postgraduate Executive rules 2012 (clause 36).
b) Students shall complete the change/transfer path request (PGQMS 44/) and approve it from the MPI postgraduate committee of MPI, and the AASTMT Postgraduate Affairs council.
c) The approved request shall be submitted to Head of postgraduate department at AASTMT Admission & Registration Deanery for Final Approval. Database is updated by MPI student Coordinator
Withdrawal from a course
a) A student is allowed to withdraw from a course or more during the semester on condition:
- The withdrawal is before 2 weeks of the final exam
- Approval of the MPI Dean
- The semester enrolled in is not an additional chance semester (Postgraduate executive rules (2012-clause 35)
b) The student shall complete course withdrawal form (PGQMS 45/) and approve it by the MPI Vice Dean for Educational Affairs and final approval from the MPI Dean and data base is updated accordingly.
c) The withdrawal form is submitted to the Head of Postgraduate dept. at the AASTMT Deanery of Admission and Registration for final approval and i necessary actions on the system.
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