MBA in Shiping & Maritime Management


This joint MBA in Shipping and Maritime Management has been designed by AASTMT and City Unity College of Greece in order to develop business skills of candidate to take on senior roles in various maritime organizations. It is a flexible course delivered online that will build on work experience and enhance it with contemporary maritime business theory.

The curriculum is tailored for the dynamic contemporary global business environment, focusing on developing skills in maritime perspective, and the application of conceptual maritime management theories to current practice in terms of shipping. Candidate will acquire competencies in innovative and creative problem solving, critical thinking and strategic reasoning. Candidate will be able to study in his/ her own time at home or at work and progress toward an award at his/her pace, as his/her career or personal life dictate.


Program Objectives 

 -To equip students with a strong background in the standard core curriculum of business administration.

  -To provide students with a firm grasp of the economic political and social forces shaping the globalizing trends of the world in the 21st century as seen in the structure and functioning of the shipping industry.

  -To provide a foundational and contextual approach to the appreciation of maritime law and the related legal issues.

  -To explain the economic and commercial environment in which the shipping market is organized and to answer the basic question on how to works.

  -To provide an innovative, "hands - on" approach to instruction directed by a dedicated faculty composed of experts in their fields.

  -To provide a good grounding for a variety of careers in a range of management


Program Outline


The joint program consists of ten modules that corresponds (60) European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) (42) Credit Hours. The program can be achieved in at least four terms (2 academic years) in nine obligatory modules (45 ECTS, 27 Credit Hours) and the final module (module no. 10) will be dedicated for research methods and dissertation (15 ECTS -15 Credit Hours).


Each of the nine modules can also be offered as an independent professional courses

 Program Modules

Core Modules


Principles of Shipping and Maritime Management

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)


International Law of the Sea

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)


Port and Ship Cargo Operations and Management

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)


The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)


Marine Insurance

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)



5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)


Maritime Economics and Shipping Finance

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)


Marine Environment and Pollution

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)


Marine Geography

5 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)




Dissertation (including research methods)

15 ects (3 Cr. Hrs)



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