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Seminar Guidelines

1.  Purpose

The purpose of this document is to guide the post graduate researcher (PGR) for the preparation of the master seminar.

2. Scope

This document is applicable to all PGRs studying at the Productivity and Quality Institute, department of post graduate research.

3. The objective of the seminar

3.1 The proposal seminar is an opportunity for the PGR to discuss his/her research topic within an academic framework with a number of research professionals. This is important to ensure that the PGR initially covered all the essential areas to commence his/her research that meets the Institute’s academic standards for attaining a research degree.

3.2 This proposed academic framework should cover the following main points:

1.     Provisional title of the proposed research

2.     Brief background of the research topic

3.     Research problem

4.     Research questions/hypothesis

5.     The aims and objectives of the research 

6.     Indicative methodology (taking into consideration ethical approvals if applicable)

7.     The data analysis used in order to reach the research outcomes.

3.3 The PGR presentation should clearly reflect the following:

1.     His/her awareness and understanding of the research problem in relation to the existing literature.

2.     The indicative design of the methodology to suit the existing problem and the nature of the research objectives/hypothesis/questions.

3.4 The PGR should take into consideration NOT to:

1.     Arrive late to the seminar.

2.     Exceed the number of slides (around 25) presented in a period of not more than 15 minutes.

3.     Underestimate the seminar or the discussion.

3.5 Role of the Audience

1.     In about 15 minutes, the audience may discuss and seek any clarifications related to the research topic from the PGR after the end of the presentation to make sure that the researcher clearly understands the research problem, the current literature, the research methodology, and the research outcomes.

The audience should not interrupt the PGR during his presentation to ask questions.