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Student Affairs

Student Affairs


• Applicants to the Professional Master of Quality Management program must hold a university graduate degree from an accredited university or college.

• A total Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.4/4.0 or good or equivalent of undergraduate study is required.Admission ProcessApplicants must submit the following material to the Productivity and Quality Institute’s Admission department:

• Official Transcripts: An official transcript must be submitted for each of the colleges and universities attended. Transcripts should include an explanation of the grade scale used by the colleges and universities attended. All copies should be certified as true copies.

• Copy of passport or identification

•Resume: A copy of a one-to two- page professional resume.

• Financial Plan (if sponsored).

• Completed Application Form.

• Clearance Form.

• 2 personal photosRegistration.

• Applicants may register after the Productivity And Quality Institute has certified their application for admission. Registration must be accomplished according to schedules and procedures established by the Productivity and Quality Institute.

• The registration of a graduate candidate is the responsibility of the candidate. Candidates must register for each course. Registration for a course also includes registration for the examination for that course. Course registration takes place within the first 2 weeks of each term.Tuition Fees.

• The tuition fees of every course shall be paid at the beginning of each semester. If the student, or his delegating authority, fails to pay the tuition fees, the student's registration shall be cancelled and the student shall not attend any lectures. The Admission and Registration Deanery shall set the tuition fees at the beginning of each semester.

• The tuition fees of the programmes using the credit hours system shall be determined on the basis of the credit hour and shall be paid either collectively for full load semester or according to the number of credit hours registered for.