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OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health& Safety OHSAS 18001 Auditor/Lead Auditor (Certified By IRCA, UK)

  • It exists to help all kinds of organizations put in place demonstrably sound occupational health and safety performance
  • It is helps an organizations to control occupational health and safety risks.
  • It is suitable for all types of organisation wanting to become more efficient in managing and reducing accidents in the workplace.

Benefits For The For Organizations Who Implement The OHSAS 18001

  • Create the best possible working conditions across the organization
  • Evaluate the existing situation of the organization management systems processes and activities from the perspective of occupational health and safety laws and legislation.
  • Reduce workplace accidents and illness to cut related costs and downtime
  • Improving reputation and increasing the opportunities to gain new business
  • Possible cost savings from public liability insurance premiums
  • Maintaining compliance to legal requirements
  • Achieving a structured health and safety management system throughout the organisation will demonstrate your commitment to the welfare of your staff and external parties.
  • Using different tools and methods to assess and analyze the occupational health and safety processes within the organization.
  • Engage and motivate staff with better, safer working conditions.
  • Demonstrate compliance to customers and suppliers.
  • Determine communication and networking methods between appointed teams of occupational health and safety management activities inside and outside the organization.
  • Organisations registered to OHSAS 18001 can be more confident about meeting the requirements of Health and Safety legislation.
  • Setting targets through the Health and Safety policy, together with the ongoing measurement against it ensures a process of continual improvement.
  • Use different tools and methods to ensure the stability of performance and continuous improvement.

Special Benefits For Being An IRCA Certified Occupational Health& Safety Auditor

  • Planning and establishing an health and safety management system framework
  • Identify gaps between the occupational health and safety laws and legislation and the organization existing regulations.
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities
  • Processes for hazard identification and risk assessments
  • Documentation, Reporting and monitoring
  • Emergency procedures
  • Measure and constantly improve processes
  • Establish the OHSAS checklist
  • Understand the purpose and scope of an OH&S management system.
  • Exercise risk assessment principles and approach.
  • Determine audit requirements of OHSAS 18001.
  • Develop audit strategies.
  • Plan and conduct an audit in line relevant OH&S audit criteria.
  • Write nonconformity and audit reports.
  • Execute follow up activities.
  • Use of qualitative and quantitative tools to analyze different factors affecting the management of occupational health and safety system.