1MSIM 101 Elementary First Aid A-VI/1-3 2 Days
2MSIM 103 Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities A-VI/1 3 Days
3MSIM 104 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting A-VI/1-2 3 Days
4MSIM 105 Advanced Personal Survival Techniques and Search and Rescue. A-VI/1-1.1 3 Days
5MSIM 106 Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques A-VI/1-1 3 Days
6MSIM 201 Medical First Aid A-VI/4-1 5 Days
7MSIM 202 Medical Studies A-VI/4-2 5 Days
8MSIM 203 Crowd Management, Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity, Crisis Management and Human Behavior Training including Training for Serving on B 5 Days
9MSIM 205 Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats A-VI/2-1 5 Days
10MSIM 206 Advanced Fire Fighting A-VI/3 5 Days
11MSIM 301 Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats, in accordance with section A-VI/2,Paragraph 2-2 of the STCW-95 Convention 3 Days
12MSIM 302 Advanced Communications 5 Days