Sunday, 23rd February, 2020

Course Contents

Fundamentals of lean six-sigma (FLSS11)

This course introduces six sigma, leadership, strategic planning, and customer focus as process improvement essentials. It also explains opportunities for process improvement with respect to cost and to productivity as well as variation reduction opportunities.

Modern quality assurance standards (MQAS12)

This course provides a thorough understanding of quality management systems and its requirements. It also explains the process of auditing and documenting these systems against ISO standards. 

Quality planning (QP13)

Implementation of advanced quality planning (AQP) has long-term business advantages for any organization. This course takes candidates step-by-step through the advanced quality planning methodology, providing them with an overview and discussion of the role of teams in AQP, and its key components.

Fundamentals of statistical quality improvement (FSQI21)

This course introduces candidates to improving quality through the basic tools and concepts of statistics. It also provides them with state of the art techniques in quality improvements. 

Principles of quality management (PQM22)

This course provides the delegates with an understanding of quality and management principles. It discusses the evolution of management and its importance in the global environment. The course guides delegates to understand about quality concepts as well as the quality of improving processes.

Project management (PM23)

This course provides the delegates with the general framework for project management and accelerates their project management learning curve, including an insightful review of successful projects and project managers. The delegates will be able to review the processes that establish the foundation for a project and effectively monitor, track, correct, and protect project performance.

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