Rapid change in the world management systems demands a focus on the future to empower and improve organizations and industry practitioners. The Productivity & Quality Institute goal is to enhance the capabilities of managers and leaders to address challenges and to ensure that organizations have the strategic drive to succeed.In our institute we offer opportunities for both students and organizations. The postgraduate studies open various prospective for enhancing the educational career of students who join our Diploma or Master degrees. The programs are designed to address the market needs and the future prospects of prosperous job opportunities. With the help of our strategic alliances we provide different national and international training programs that gives the trainees tools and awareness’s to ensure global progress in all related fields. As for our consultation services we try to help organizations and industries to consolidate the structure of their field. Through methods and tools for achieving quality, we help our partners to establish and maintain standards of excellence.


This diploma aims to provide delegates with enough knowledge to understand aspects of quality as well as principles of management needed for the contemporary business market. Furthermore, this diploma through its courses targets to equip delegates with potential attributes deemed necessary for the workplace.

Target Audience

This Diploma is targeting individuals working in the field of quality, management, quality assurance, and quality control. The diploma can be of interest for anyone looking to start a career in the quality sector.

Diploma Outcomes

Upon completion of the diploma, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand quality management principles and concepts.
  • Understand different quality management standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 18001:2007.
  • Define customer requirements besides identifying the organization''s internal and external customers.
  • Learn the crucial concepts and techniques new project managers can utilize with any project, in any environment.
  • Gain leadership skills and learn techniques and tools that will accelerate the knowledge base and skill level of the new project manager.
  • Select the appropriate team members appropriate for the planning and implementation.
  • Define opportunities for process improvement with respect to cost and productivity.
  • Choose among various quality and statistical tools for problem solving and decision making.
  • Understand the basic tools and concepts of statistics.
  • Understand measurement system analysis.




By the end of the program, delegates will gain the following certificate:

  • Diploma certificate (after fulfilling the program requirements).


  • 1 year.


  • Classes and examinations will be at Productivity and quality institute or customer site (upon agreement).


  • Classes and examinations will be held on weekdays evenings OR weekends. 
  • Each subject is divided into 12 lectures and a final exam which will be held in the 13th lecture.
  • The Diploma program consists of a total of 18 credit hours based on 6 mandatory courses divided into two semesters


To be awarded the Professional Diploma in Quality Management, the delegates must satisfy all the following conditions:

1.      Obtained a minimum 75% attendance for each subject

2.      Satisfactorily completed all the required assignments

3.      Obtained a pass in each subject examination.


Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • The last official transcript must be submitted for each of the colleges and universities attended. All copies should be certified as true copies.
  • Copy of passport or identification card.
  • A copy of a one- to two- page professional resume.
  • Financial Plan (if sponsored).
  • Completed Application Form.
  • 2 personal photos.

Applications and all supporting documents must be received according to the following dates:




September 15


February 15


Applicants submitting applications later than the above dates are not assured of consideration for admission to the programme in the term desired their applications will be processed only if time and resources permit.