Friday, 14th December, 2018

Our Aim

Our aim is to:

  • Deliver the right training solutions at the right time with the right results.
  • Provide outstanding learning environments and programs that lead to excellent outcomes for trainees, enabling them to work in, and guide, a world characterized by increasing change.

Over the life of the AIP’s Training Plan, our major emphasis in training and learning will be on:

  • Examining and responding more systematically and strategically to evaluations from our trainees and customers
  • Refining course offerings to reflect customer demand, projected demographic trends, and anticipated workforce needs
  • Providing opportunities for work-integrated learning that facilitate delegates transition to professional practice
  • Building the capability of our trainers and tutoring staff through a range of development and extension programs
  • Reviewing and integrating emerging technologies which can most effectively support trainees learning, and creating physical environments to complement those learning experiences
  • Fostering the critical relationship between training and research and
  • Strengthening our physical and virtual learning environments.

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