Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017

Our Goals

Goal 1:

Attract, Retain, Develop and Reward Excellent Staff


The ability to proactively attract and retain high quality staff is an essential element of our strategy. The development of our staff is a key priority to develop leadership skills in a wider range of staff. Improving leadership capacity is a recurrent theme which underpins our ability to deliver a significant program of change.

Goal 2:

Develop Financial and Physical Resources


The Productivity and Quality institute strives to maintain a sustainable and resilient financial position to support its mission and vision on an continuing basis. Thus, PQI recognizes achieving balance between the generation of income and the use of those funds for staff costs, non pay costs and investment in essential infrastructure.


In line with this thinking PQI illustrates a number of critical objectives in terms of ongoing generation of earnings, cash generation and the management of liquidity and expenditures. It is noted that the balance of spending between these categories may change from time to time depending on the position of the business cycle and depending on operational demands.

Goal 3:

 Provide Innovative, and Quality Academic Programs


Productivity and Quality Institute aims to develop joined-up opportunities for academic and professional progression aligned with opportunities for development and collaborative research. Therefore, it strives to design and deliver innovative programs to provide graduates and professionals with learning opportunities that meet and exceed their needs by ensuring they have maximum accessibility to the course provision they demand, when they need it, and in the format they require.

The Productivity and Quality Institute ambition is beyond the region and the nation, as it aims to be a vibrant, cosmopolitan institute that welcomes graduates and professionals from all over the world.