Monday, 26th August, 2019


The management policy at productivity and quality institute aims to developing skills for Individual institutionalization in the field of quality through the execution of specialized training programs,Submitting consultation services for all areas of quality activities and the post graduate activities.

With a view to developing skills and the transfer of information and technology related to quality to the industrial and service community and achieve distinct levels to satisfy its customers and other clients dealing with the institute, and that is through:

  • Spreading the culture of quality.
  • Fast response to customer requirements.
  • Dealing with reputable suppliers in the various activities of the Institute.
  • The constant pursuit of continuous improvement and development.
  • Achieve communication and confirm the awareness of all employees of the quality of services provided by the Institute.
  • Always strive to comply with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Commitment of top management of the Institute to develop and review quality objectives during the management review.
  • In order to continue this outstanding performance, the Institute has established and implemented a management system that complies with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001/2015, and review the efficiency of this system and work to improve it regularly.


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