Thursday, 17th October, 2019

Understanding of ISO 17020:2012 standard requirements

Understanding of ISO 17020:2012 standard requirements Course.

Course is a comprehensive look at ISO 17020 and its requirements for documenting your quality management system and demonstrating competence.

In this course, you will gain critical insight into the interpretation of the requirements of this inspection body standard and you will receive a detailed review of the accreditation process.

Course Objectives

  • Interpret the requirements of ISO 17020 as it relates to management system standards.
  • Distinguish between various types of inspection bodies.
  • Understand inspection-planning process.
  • Understand the inspection body complains and appeals process.
  • Understand the difference between 2012 and 1998 standard versions.

Course Contents

  • Quality Management and the role of inspection bodies.
  • Classification of inspection bodies (Type A, B and C).
  • Overview of ISO 17020 requirements and its relationship with other related standards (ISO 9001).
  • Differences between the 2012 and 1998 versions of the standard.
  • Initial steps to implementing ISO 17020.
  • Inspection body subcontracting requirements and controls.
  • Confidentiality and impartiality requirements for inspection body.
  • Inspection process planning and monitoring.
  • Quality Management System requirements for inspection bodies.
  • Inspection body complains and appeals process.
  • Inspection methods validation and references.
  • Dealing with defective inspection tools.
  • Inspection report and certificates.


  • 4 Days / 16 Hrs.


  • Certificate approved by The AASTMT

Teaching Language

  • English / Arabic


  • Productivity and Quality Institute or Company Headquarters

Instructor/Trainer Qualification

  • Lecturer specializing in the field of inspection.

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