Sunday, 24th June, 2018

Postgraduate Diploma in Food Safety


Food safety is extremely important to business of any size which handles food. Mishandling of food plays a significant role in the occurrence of food borne illness. Improper food handling may be implicated in 97% of all food borne illness associated with catering outlets.
We, here at the Productivity and Quality Institute, have developed a Post-graduate Diploma program in food safety that provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of food safety Management principles, models and systems that fulfill the requirements of international standards.
The diploma is intended to enhance knowledge and business management skills in the food safety fields for technical and non-technical staff. Even though Food safety is one of the main concerns for the food industry and public health, many workers in the food safety field in Egypt, Middle East and in the gulf countries have no special training in the safety of food with a whole chain approach. Therefore, the Post-graduate Diploma program in food safety has been developed with “from farm to fork” approach.