Saturday, 04th April, 2020

Lean Manufacturing

Quality Management Courses.| Lean Manufacturing Course.

Sessions is to view lean manufacturing with a focus on identifying and eliminating all forms of waste from the production system and to familiarize participants with the concept (LM).

Course Objectives

  • Provide participants with the principles of Lean.
  • Provide participants with the importance of developing a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Provide participants with the steps required to implement all practices.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to lean manufacturing.
  • Principles of lean manufacturing.
  • Basics of Lean Thinking.
  • Lean manufacturing practices.
  • Lean Terminology.
  • Eliminate Waste.
  • Value Stream Analysis.
  • TThe Lean Mind set.
  • Implementing Lean.
  • Roadmap for Lean.
  • Lean Pitfalls.


  • 10 Days / 50 Hrs.


  • Certificate approved by The AASTMT

Teaching Language

  • English / Arabic


  • Productivity and Quality Institute or Company Headquarters

Instructor/Trainer Qualification

  • Lecturer specializing in the production processes.