Sunday, 29th March, 2020

Quality Assurance

Quality Management Courses.| Quality Assurance Course.

Today Quality Assurance Systems emphasize catching defects before they get into the final product.

Course Objectives

  • Provide the participants knowledge of the historical development of quality and principles.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Quality Assurance:.
    • Defining Quality.
    • Quality characteristics..
    • Cost of Quality.
    • Quality Control.
    • Defining Quality Assurance.
    • Quality Management System.
    • Customer satisfaction.
    • Comparison between old style and QM style companies.
  • Quality Concepts and Customer Focus:
    • The fundamental quality concepts.
    • Quality Plan.
    • Organization Cultural change.
    • Standards and Standardization.
    • The Main process.
    • The support process.
    • The Process Approach.


  • 3 Days / 12 Hrs.


  • Certificate approved by The AASTMT

Teaching Language

  • English / Arabic


  • Productivity and Quality Institute or Company Headquarters

Instructor/Trainer Qualification

  • Lecturer specializing in Quality Management.