Wednesday, 19th June, 2019


EFQM Assessor Training

EFQM offers you the unique and distinctive opportunity to become an internationally recognized EFQM Excellence Assessor. As an EFQM Excellence Assessor you will be able to:

  • Understand the EFQM Excellence Model and its linkages to the Fundamental Concepts
  • Effectively apply the RADAR scoring to produce value adding performance analyses
  • Will benefit from individual coaching
  • Assimilate the culture of an organization
  • Act as an EFQM Award Assessor

Being an assessor is not merely a ’technical’ exercise but is a demanding task requiring a balance of excellent interpersonal and analytical skills coupled with an understanding of the realities of operating environment. 

The course is a pass/fail training. During the course you will be assessed based on your team work contributions, your information assimilations, your feedback and written exercises. Prior to the training, you will be asked to analyze the Adoika case study. This exercise will also be a pre-requisite for successfully going through the training. Passing formally qualifies you as an international EFQM Excellence Assessor.

Journey to Excellence training

This course is aimed at individuals who are seeking to start a business excellence initiative at their organization. Through this 3-day program, you will:

  1. Understand how to use self-assessment as an improvement tool
  2. Develop a roadmap for how your organization can progress
  3. Discover how to prioritize improvement actions
  4. Recognize the cultural aspects of Excellence and develop a plan to engage people within your organization
  5. Learn to use different tools and techniques to increase performance
  6. Get to know EFQM''s levels of Excellence

Leaders for Excellence

Implement Change, Drive Improvement 

Through this training you will learn how to identify areas for improvement and adopt a structured approach to address them. More specifically, this course is designed for managers who want to

  • Learn how to interpret an assessment feedback report
  • Understand the use of the DMAIC approach 
  • Use the Business Excellence Matrix to develop an enabler map  
  • Learn the basics of the EFQM Excellence Model to drive change

During the training you will work with a real Recognized for Excellence application document of Ricoh or the Glasgow Central College. Moreover, you will be able to review and update your own organization’s enablers.

Individuals who pass the training will receive the official EFQM certification as "EFQM Leader for Excellence - level 1". A level 2 recognition is achievable within one year after the training, if you present the successful completion of a DMAIC project or a self-assessment using BEM at your premises.

Validator Training

This is new!

Are you interested to act as an EFQM Validator for "Committed to Excellence Projects"? Do you want to align your improvement projects with the EFQM Model? Or would you like to learn to use the RADAR methodology to manage and structure your improvement projects? Then this training is for you!

What is an EFQM Validator? An EFQM Validator is officially authorized to recognize and confirm the achievements of organizations going through the Committed to Excellence Recognition scheme of EFQM. Being a validator is a very demanding task. You will need to deal with the time constraint of having to: assess the self-assessment, analyze the quality of the various improvement projects, deliver valuable feedback and a pass/fail verdict at the end of only one day.

After this 1,5 day course, you will be able to:

  • Diagnose how EFQM assessments, and both priority setting and improvement projects are conducted and integrated 
  • Recognize the achievements of improvement project managers and provide feedback
  • Use RADAR logic to structure, monitor and review improvement projects
  • Obtain the official "EFQM Validator" Certificate

This training will be a mix of presentations and discussions, and it will include several practical exercises. During the training, we will simulate parts of the actual Validator process through a real case study to practice your verbal and written skills. Successful delegates will receive the Diploma ''EFQM Validator''.