ports and logistics programs

ports and logistics programmes

L01 Marketing Strategies for Maritime Transport Services
L02 Multimodal Transport Management & its Role in International Trade
L03 Logistics Applications in Transport Sector
L04 Qualifying Beginner Specialists for Maritime Transport
L07 Port Management within International Changes
L08 Pioneering in Port Services
L09 9. Freight Forwarders Role in Multimodal Transport
L10 Managerial Excellence & Leadership Effectiveness in Ports
L11 Introduction to Management and Economics of Ports
L14 Port Management
L15 Economics of Maritime Transport
L16 Port Service Strategy
L17 Port Services Marketing
L19 Hinterland Transport and Short Trips
L21 Maritime Insurance Principles
L22 Maritime Law
L23 Maritime Transport Insurance
L24 Port Management and Economies
L26 Planning of Port Work
L28 Transport and International Trade Techniques
L34 Supply Chain Management
L36 New Markets for Logistics Services
L40 Logistics Effect on Investment and Costs
L41 Analyzing Logistic Consumer Needs
L46 Transport and Globalization
L51 Logistic Business Management
L53 Commercial and Maritime English Terminologies
L54 Regulatory and administrative systems in ports
L55 Key performance indicators in ports
L56 Customer’s relation management in transport organizations
L57 Project management with logistics concepts
L58 Shipping Agencies Business management
L59 Transportation and storage logistics activities in ports
L60 integrated ports logistics operations
L61 supply chain flexibility
L62 Port operations quality system
L63 Sustainable Development in ports industry