Admission - Engineers - Second Engineer


Candidates applying to sit for 2nd  engineer certificate of competency examination shall meet the following requirements according to ministerial decree 221/2013:

·   Be holding 3rd engineer certificate of competency

·   Meet the medical fitness requirements for the certificate

·   Have an approved seagoing service of not less than 18 months as an officer in charge of an engineering watch on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 750 kW or more on ocean going voyages after the date of holding the 3rd engineer certificate of competency. The required seagoing service shall be associated with the operation of diesel, steam and gas turbine engines.

·   Have completed the required upgrading training course in the recognized maritime institution.

·   Have completed the required mandatory training courses in the recognized maritime institution in accordance to article 22 of the ministerial decree 221/2013.

 In case of completing the seagoing service on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of less than 3000 kW, limited propulsion power certificate of competency will be issued after meeting the other requirements for certification.

The limitation will only be removed after fulfilling seagoing service requirements of ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 3000 kW or more and passing an oral exam.



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