Admission - Master and Officers - Master

Duration: 8 Weeks                     No. of Courses 4 Times / Year

Candidates applying to sit for Master Certificate of competency examination must meet the following requirements:

1-The candidate must not be less than 25 years of age.
2-The candidate must successfully pass the medical fitness checkup in accordance with the standards of renewing Seaman’s Book set by the ministerial decree issued for regulating the issuance and renewal of Seaman’s Book. 
3-The candidate must be a holder of First Officer Certificate of Competency.
4-The candidate must have served at sea after obtaining  Second Officer certificate of competency as an officer in charge of a navigational watch onboard seagoing ships for not less than 3 years, provided that the candidate served for a period not less than 18 months during the said period after obtaining First Officer Certificate of Competence.
5-Successful completion of the short mandatory courses.

• Mandatory courses:
Ship handling and Maneuvering

- In addition to mandatory courses required for Chief Mate.