Admission - Master and Officers - Third Mate

Third Officer Certificate of Competency:

Duration:    20 Weeks                        No. of Courses:  Twice / Year
Candidates applying to sit for Third Officer Certificate of Competency examination shall meet the following requirements:
•The candidate must not be less than 20 years of age.
•The candidate must successfully pass the medical fitness checkup in accordance with the standards of issuing    Seaman’s Book set by the ministerial decree issued for regulating the issuance and renewal of Seaman’s Book.
•The candidate must hold General Certificate of Education, or an equivalent foreign certificate, or be a graduate of Maritime Secondary Schools (majoring in Seamanship and Fisheries).
•The candidate should meet the requirements of the following :
•Successful completion of a seagoing service period of not less than 48 months as a deck rating.
•Candidates applying for Third Officer Certificate of Competency shall submit documentary evidence for the required sea service period.
•Successful completion of a recognized upgrading session in an accredited maritime institute.
•Successful completion of the short mandatory courses. 
• Mandatory courses:
      1- Fire prevention and fire fighting.
      2- First aid course.
      3- Personal safety and social responsibility.
      4- Proficiency in survival crafts.
      5- Prevention and combating of marine pollution.
      6- Marine radar and automatic radar plotting and ARPA
      7- Communication course.