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Pharmacy fun day

Published: Monday,04 January 2010 00:00 | Print | Hits: 1

content College of Pharmacy has held the fun day on Tuesday 29/11/2016.
At the start of the day general knowledge has held between the students the winners were:
Ahmed Tarek Salaheldin.
Ahmed Fathy Ahmed .
Omar Mohamed Eloriby.
Mounir Magdy Farid.
Hayam Hisham Tharwat.

The winners in sports activities were:
*Ahmed Alaa Abdelbadie.
*Ahmed Fathy Zabadi.
*Ahmed Mohamed ِAshoush.
*Farouk Mahmoud Farouk.
*Mounir Magdy Farid.

2- Basket ball:
*Christina Ibrahim Morques.
*Mohamed Tarek Abo-hamed.
*Nada Khaled Mostafa.
*Yousef Omar ٍShahawi.
*Roushdy Ahmed Roushdy.
*Hamza Salaheldin Hamza.
*Ahmed Hisham Abdelaziz.

3- Volley Ball:
*Raghad Alaaeldin Ezzat.
*Rowan Ahmed Abdelmoniem.
*Omar Mostafa Eloriby.
*Mounir Magdy Farid.
*Mayar Emad Ahmed.
*Hayam Hisham Tharwat.

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