Broadband Satellite Communications


Objectives of the project:
This project aims to design a low cost satellite broadband communication modem using either star or mesh communication protocols. Based on the advanced DVBS2 standard and latest technologies of data processing and bandwidth management, the system will provide a reliable, cost effective and efficient solution for broadband connectivity.
Final beneficiaries:
Broadband end users, Internet service providers, business companies, IT companies, call centers, Banks, International trade companies as well as cooperate users in Egypt, Europe and MENA region.

Full System Design Overview:

Figure 1 demonstrates the proposed full system architecture. It is divided into three units, which are Satellite Transceiver Dish, Outdoor RF Unit, and DVB-S2 Transceiver Unit. The first unit is the Satellite Transceiver Dish, which receive and transmit the RF signals from satellites. The second unit is Outdoor RF Unit. It contains sensors, microcontroller circuit and motor driver circuit that designed to direct the satellite transceiver dish antenna to specific satellite to communicate with it. The last unit is the DSB-S2 Transceiver Unit. This unit is divided into two sub blocks. The first sub block can receive and transmit the RF signals from satellites and it can encode and decode the DVB-S2 protocol using FPGA. The second sub block is small computer circuit. It receives the decoded TV channel data that is forward to the HDMI port, and the decoded received Internet packets, which is forwarded to Wi-Fi module and the RJ45 port. The second sub block can also forward transmitted Internet packets to the FBGA encoder circuit to transmit it using satellite transceiver dish antenna.

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