Broadband Satellite Communications


 The final tweaking and testing are planned to make after the design manufacturing. Satellite modem design blueprint, which can be tailored, to suit specific markets and cost-points. The proposed final hardware design is shown in Figure 1. It consists of three main functional units and their corresponding zones (shaded in orange) as follows:

  • a. RF Unit (RFU)
  • b. Baseband Processing Unit (BPU), which consists of:
    • o Low Performance FPGA Zone (LPFZ)
    • o High Performance FPGA Zone (HPFZ)
  • c. Central Processor Unit (CPU), which consists of:
    • o Control Plane Processor Zone (CPPZ)
    • o Data Plane Processor Zone (DPPZ)
    • o CPU Clock Management Zone (CCMZ)
    • o CPU Power Management Zone (CPMZ)

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