Protocol and Public Relation | AASTMT


Protocol and public relations is a distinctive management function that helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communications, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between AASTMT and the public. The Protocol and Public Relation Affairs (PPRA) at AASTMT provides a broad range of services that help AASTMT community outreach and meeting marketing and communications goals. PPRA promotes a positive and consistent image of AASTMT towards internal and external audiences. Hence, allowing AASTMT to maintain strong footing in the community.AASTMT has been emphasizing the role of communication strategy in underscoring the university’s objectives and roles are appropriately conveying that to the AASTMT community.PPRA is also responsible for AASTMT protocol matters and ceremonial events. It organizes and coordinates protocol affairs and manages matters related to courteous receptions, graduation ceremonies, special events, and formal ceremonies.

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