AASTMT Services Center

The academic services center creation based on the idea was presented to the President of the Arab Academy which explained that this idea will serve all academy slices from the faculty , staff members and students .
And it has been approved to begin to take all measures for the establishment of this center, which have successfully completed the procedures and approvals from all sides and it was created in six months knowing that this center is the first on the level of the Republic, which offers all of these services within an specialized organization .
The academic services center will be honored to receive all faculty members, staff and students to provide all services to them fully and wished them progress and Prosperity .

MR. Hisham Saad
Manager For
AASTMT Services Center


Authentications of the Foreign Affairs Ministry

Culmination of the role of the Academy education and training are also available this service to support ratifications and documentations required on the one hand and the Foreign Ministry as follows:

  • Adoption of all certificates and securities issued by the the Academy
  • Ratification of all certificates of marine special courses at the Institute of Maritime Training
  • Ratification of all transactions for Messrs staff and faculty members


Civil Affairs Services

This service is available for employees and the members of the academy faculty and students, The Civil registers include the extraction of the following:

  • Extraction the national ID card for the first time
  • Renewal National ID Card
  • Add new data
  • Extraction computer birth certificates

Real Estate Registration & Documentation Services

  • Ratification of the companies contracts
  • Ratification of the rental contracts
  • Representations of testimony
  • Public and Private Agencies
  • Selling cars contracts
  • selling cars Agencies


Cars' Club Services

  • Extracting International driving licenses for the first time
  • Renewal of driving licenses International


Traffic Services

The services provided by the center through the Traffic Department varies to include the following:

  • New car license
  • Renew car licenses
  • Data mining certificate
  • The technical inspection of cars
  • Extracting irregularities certificate
  • Payment of the assessed tax
  • Payment document assessed on car insurance