IFMT Aspects

  • To offer specialized maritime courses, workshops and seminars to upgrade the level of current marine crew with the aim of keeping pace with the demands of the maritime transport market.
  • To provide new educational tracks and update the current ones in order to remain compatible with the demands of the maritime job market.
  • To exchange scientific experience among IFMT members in the fields of maritime education and training.
  • To establish communication offices for IFMT members from the Arab Academy and other maritime institutes that will regularly follow up on and evaluate the performance of students sponsored by the IFMT companies and organizations.
  • To establish an electronic database induding complete data on major maritime companies and the students/gradutes of engineering and marine studies who are of high caliber at the academic and behavior levels. This database will create the missing link in the supply and demand chain in order to create opportunities for companies to recruit students for training or graduates to work at sea.