To raise the level of service provided to the member of the alumni, the alumni administration have formatted 4 specialized committees to supervise on the alumni's activities and going on to proceeds the positive side to be supported and the negative side to be avoided in the future, also it coordinate the work between the administrations and the different departments in the academy to provide the best means to support the graduate.

Those committees divided to:

The planning functional trend committee

This committee is responsible for helping the graduates to plan for their future functional job also suggesting the training programs that are necessary for them to keep up with the changes that happens in the marketplace with explanation of the job opportunities available.

The sociality and communication committee

This committee is specialized in the preparation of all ways of communication with the graduates to inform them about the alumni's activities and determining the time of administrative board of the alumni working session in addition to the time of the alumni's parties

The entertainment and athletics activity committee

This committee is responsible for supervising all the athletic meetings that are organized by the alumni and simplifying the reception service for the member of the alumni in the academy's hotels.

The journeys and cultural activity committee

This committee is responsible for supervising all the journey's programs and the cultural seminars that are organized by the alumni.

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