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The Education Sector constitutes the higher coordination authority between the various colleges and education and research sectors inside the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport throughout the following activities:

  • Studying and preparing the Academy’s educational strategies by holding meetings and discussions (Supreme Council of Education Affairs)
  • Coordinating the educational policies and objectives between the Academy’s colleges and branches to achieve the general strategy
  • Following up programme implementation plans in colleges
  • Laying down the future planning for the ultimate usage of the Academy’s educational and training potentials
  • Discussing programmes and syllabuses development with colleges
  • Following up accreditation of the academic degrees granted by the Academy by coordination with colleges’ deaneries and the Supreme Council of Education Affairs
  • Examining colleges’ and departments’ educational outcomes
  • Following up the Academy’s requirements completion schemes as regards staff members and technicians by coordination with colleges
  • Following up procedures of the Scientific Committees to promote staff members of both the academic and the technological cadres as well as the referee committees


This site primarily aims at providing necessary services and information to staff members by including regulations such as Education and Study Regulations, Academic Advising Regulations, Rules for Recruitment of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and Staff Members’ Affairs Regulations issued in 2014. In addition to the Academy President’s decrees concerning amendments of some of the Regulations issued after their declaration and deemed part and parcel of the their articles. The site also includes procedures to be followed upon applying for promotion for both the academic and the technological cadres, besides the forms to be filled out and submitted along with the promotion application. Moreover, the site indicates the dates and timings specified for the courses held each term aiming at promoting the abilities and skills of staff members so as to enhance teaching efficiency. Furthermore, some local and international sites have been added which belong to donor entities sponsoring research projects. Those sites have been included to benefit from them in enhancing cooperation and scientific research in the Academy, which will definitely foster performance and encourage joint research and research projects as well as collaboration with regional and foreign universities.
For further queries or suggestions, please contact us via email: eduaffairs@aast.edu

Dean of Education Affairs - Alexandria
Prof. Mohamed Essam Khedr
Dean of Education Affairs – Cairo
Prof. Lobna Abdel Azeem Sherif
President’s Advisor for Education Affairs
Prof. Saad Mesbah
Vice-president for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. Gamal Selim

Latest News

AASTMT launched a project to develop education
29 MAR 2017
In keeping with the role of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) as an exceptional leading educational institution in serving the Egyptian society, AASTMT launched a project to develop education a national growth an engine on Sunday 27- 3 ... read more

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