M.Sc in Computer Engineering

Semester 1    Semester 2   

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CC711 Advanced Programming Languages N/A
CC721 Advanced Computer Architecture N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CC731 Computer Networks and Security N/A

Elective A A-major-major . Major .

Elective courses
CC701Master`s Thesis Part 1
CC702Master`s Thesis Part 2
CC712Advanced Database Systems
CC713Software Engineering
CC714Computer Systems Security
CC716Pattern Recognition
CC722Advanced Digital Systems
CC725VLSI System Design
CC727Application - Specific Architectures
CC729Computer Design and Performance Evaluation
CC733Analysis and Design of Computer Networks
CC734Network Security
CC737Mobile, Wireless, and Adhoc Networks
CC741Systems Science an d Engineering
CC742Real-Time Systems
CC743Data Compression and Image Processing
CC747Advanced Computer Controlled Systems
CC753Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CC755Distributed and Parallel Systems
CC757Modelling and Simulation
CC758Advanced Applications of Digital Signal Processing
CC759Advanced Robotics
CC760Computer Engineering Seminars
LAG 800Degree completion