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Academic Experience


Academic Experience

  • Dean of maritime education and training quality affairs, Feb 2015 - up till now
    1. Participating in the process of studying and preparing educational and training strategies through attending the meetings of the Higher Council of Maritime Affairs and participating in its discussions.
    2. Reviewing and updating the relevant internal bylaws and proposing bylaws related to the educational process.
    3. Coordinating the educational policies and objectives among the maritime educational and training entities with a view to implementing the general strategy.
    4. Practicing a follow-up of the plans relating to implementing and improving the educational programmes in the educational and training sectors.
    5. Participating in the process of setting the plans which completely cover the requirements of the maritime sector faculty members and technicians in coordination with the educational and training sectors.
    6. A follow-up review of the work of the academic committees in charge of promoting faculty members to the technological cadre and examiners committees.
    7. A follow-up review of the preparation and implementation of the programme of the sessions designed to improve the capabilities of faculty members in coordination with the educational and training sectors and the Centre of improving the capabilities of faculty members.
    8. Reviewing and evaluating the data of the faculty members nominated for promotion.
    9. Setting future plans to achieve the optimal use of the educational and training resources of the Maritime Sector.

    maritime transport technology
  • Vise Dean for training and community service, Jul 2011 - Jul 2014
    Planning for continuous upgrading the teaching standards and quality for the college staff members through the implementation of short courses academically and scientifically.

    Dean office
  • assistant dean for maritime tech. affairs, Aug 2008 - Aug 2011
    assisting in planning and implementation in maritime technical affairs in students' training on-board M/V Alshaimaa and simulation affairs.
    Dean office
  • head of seamanship, Aug 2004 - Aug 2008
    head of seamanship staff, and in charge of quality management unit in the dept. moreover in charge of the exam. control unit in the dept.
    Basic nautical studies
  • second lecturer, Apr 2004 - Sep 2013
    Teaching Radar and ARPA
    and ship stability

    Basic nautical studies
  • third lecturer, Jan 2002 - Apr 2004
    Loaded by 18 teaching hours.
    Radar and Arpa
    ship stability

    Nautical dept.
  • Fourth Lecturer/ third lecturer, Jan 1996 - Jan 2002
    mandated to the Training ship AIDA 4
    Nautical dept.

List of Publications

    • ربان/ أيمن حمد عطية, "Applications and Challenges in Rebuilding the Egyptian Fisheries" , THE 8TH. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING and TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH , 2014.
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    • ربان/ أحمد محمد يوسف ربان/ أيمن حمد عطية, "Learn by Doing: a case study to Assure a Quality Maritime Training and Education" , مركز البحوث – الأكاديمية العربية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا والنقل البحرى , 2010.
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    • ربان/ أيمن حمد عطية ربان/ أحمد محمد يوسف, "Education and Training Interactive Self Study Conceptual Framework (Case study: Maritime Education and Training in Egypt)" , 2009 EABR & TLC 2009 European Applied Business Research Conference & 2009 European Collage Teaching and Learning Conference Prague, Czech Republic , 2009.
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    • ربان/ أيمن حمد عطية, "The Role of Value Added Services in port planning and management, a case study for Enhancing Damietta Port Performance" , 5th Annual General Assembly 2004 Australian maritime collage Tasmania, Australia , 2004.
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    • ربان / محمد عبد السلام غانم ربان / أيمن حمد عطية, "ECDIS Status Onboard “Regulations relating to ECDIS" , Arab Institute of Navigation conference / MELAHA 2004 , 2004.
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    • ربان / محمد عبد السلام غانم ربان أيمن حمد عطية, "Applications and Implications of New Technology in MET Institutions" , IMLA 13 (14th -17th September 2004) 13th International Conference on Maritime Education and Training St. Petersburg, Russia , 2004.
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    • أيمن حمد أحمد عطية, "مستقبل النقل المائى الداخلى" , مركز البحوث والإستشارات البحرية مركز البحوث والإستشارات البحرية عدد سبتمبر 2003 , 2003.
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