code EC 720
credit_hours 3
title Modern Techniques in Pattern Recognition
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Features extraction techniques, classifiers, speech speaker recognition, image recognition.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To introduce basic methods and principles of pattern recognition so students can apply them to their problem domains
arabic objectives
ref. books K. Fukunaga, Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition, Academic Press, 1996rn Rabines, Juarg, Fundamentals of Speech Recognition, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice–Hall, 1993rnDuda and Hart, Pattern Classification and Scene Analysis, Wiley, 1973rn Chris Bishop, Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition, Oxford University Press, 1995.rn.
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Introduction to pattern recognition
2 Approaches for Pattern recognition (connectionist)
3 Approaches for Pattern recognition (statistical)
4 Approaches for Pattern recognition (syntactic)
5 Pattern preprocessing (segmentation)
6 Feature extraction
7 Feature extraction / 7th week evaluation.
8 Feature selection
9 Pattern classification
10 Machine learning Supervised learning
11 Machine learning Unsupervised learning
12 Machine learning Unsupervised learning / 12th week evaluation
13 Post-processing
14 Theory of biometric recognition techniques
15 Traditional classifiers of biometric recognition techniques
16 Final Examination