code EC 727
credit_hours 3
title Communication Intelligence
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Theory of Cryptography, theoretical approach, some early cipher systems, mono and poly Alphabetic ciphers, statistical analysis, Mechanical Cryptography Devices, cipher systems, pure cipher, perfect cipher, Random cipher, Cryptoanalysis, Channon`s Five criteria, worst case conditions, one time pad, stream cipher, linear shift register, finite state machine, nonlinear shift registers, techniques, nonlinearity, periodicity, Randomness, implementation, Block cipher systems, feedback cipher systems, Data Encryption Standard DES, key structure, key management, signature, Public key Cryptography, RSA, Taher El-Gamal and Elliptic curve cryptosystems, Encryption and Signature and hashing and implementation, Advanced encryption standard AES, voice Encryption, Scramblers and speech security systems, Digital watermarking, theoretical approach, techniques, Algorithms and implementation.
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objectives The student will become versed in the theory of cryptography, Scrambling, key management, Protocols, stream cipher, data encryption standards, public key systems and digital watermarking.
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ref. books Henry Becker and Fred Pioer, Cipher Systems.rnWilliam Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security.rnI.J. Cox, M.L. Miller, J.A. Bloo, Digital Watermarking.
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