code EC 728
credit_hours 3
title Communication Seminar
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes A series of seminars with topics related to the field of communications such as spread spectrum, mobile communications, wireless communication networks, communications security, optical communications, Satellite Communications, Multi-media Communications, digital telephony, voice over IP, digital television and teleconference ISDN, ADSL and packet switching, application of digital Signal processing techniques in communications.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The student will gain knowledge about new trends in communications and be aware of the current research topics in that field. The student will prepare a seminar on one of the selected topic(s), present the seminar and get feedback from the academic staff as well as his/her colleagues in the course. A neatly written report with detailed analysis and references as well as comparisons and possibly simulations is also expected to be presented by the student.
arabic objectives
ref. books According to the subject of the seminar.
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