code EC 729
credit_hours 3
title Application of SAW and CCD in Communication Systems
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Part 1: Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices, interdigital transducer, dispersive, no dispersive, models, fabrication, matching networks, delay lines, bandpass filters, dispersive, nondispersive, filter design, phase coded, correlates, convolvers, reflecting grating, FM chip filters, resonators, radar equipments, sensors, antenna duplexers and oscillators in Mobile and wireless communication.rnPart 2: Charge-coupled devices (CCD), technologies, MOS capacitor, transfer mechanism, surface channel, buried channel, transfer electrodes. Applications of CCD, analog delay lines, time division multiplexing, filters, correlators, digital memories, logic arrays, imaging sensors, CCD camera.
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objectives The student should be versed in surface acoustic wave (SAW), SAW devices, SAW components in mobile and wireless communications, charge-coupled devices (CCD), CCD devices, CCD in imaging and analog signal processing.
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ref. books H. Mathews, Surface Wave Filters.rnSurface acoustic wave devices for mobile and wireless communications.rnA. H. W. Beck, J. Jamb, Charge coupled devices.
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