code EC 745
credit_hours 3
title Telecommunication Networks
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credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This course covers these topics: Motivations and objectives of computer networks overview of layered architecture and the ISO Reference Model network s, circuit-switching and packet-switching physical level protocols data link protocols including HDLC and multi-access link control. Network control, transport, and session protocols including routing flow control end-to-end communication and inter-networking. Presentation layer protocols including web, virtual terminal and file transfer protocols, cryptography, and text compression. It also introduces some important merging technologies, such as, integrated voice and data networks (VOIP) and the integration of wireless and wired networks. Specific examples and standards will be cited throughout the course.
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objectives The student should be familiar with the fundamental concepts of networking and how network is modeled from the physical layer up to the transport layer. Also, he will be familiar with how these layers are implemented in LAN, WLAN and cellular networks.
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