code EE518
credit_hours 3
title Automated Industrial Systems (2)
arbic title
prequisites EE412 - EE512
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Basics of information and communication technology (ICT). Current engineering technologies as related to disciplines. Contemporary engineering topics. Principles of operation and performance specifications of electrical and electromechanical engineering systems. Logic circuits. Analysis, design and implementation of various methods of control using analogue and digital control systems. Applications of industrial automated systems for electrical and control engineering. Formulate the problem, realizing the requirements and identifying the constraints.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives Providing additional information and skills about automatic production and assembly. Provide additional information about advanced PLC and Distributed control system. Analog input and output signal processing and data interchange. Study behavior of different level of automation hierarchy.
arabic objectives
ref. books Telemechanique Basic Course on PLC’s Vol I,II, Latest edition. CITEF- Publication NO. ISBN -2-907314, “Programmable Automation Systems”, 1990.
arabic ref. books
textbook C.R.Ashahl, “Robots and Manufacturing Automation”, John Wiley.
arabic textbook
objective set
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Additional Topics regarding PLCs (1).
2 Additional Topics regarding PLCs (2).
3 Additional Topics regarding PLCs (3).
4 Additional Topics regarding PLCs (4).
5 Data Interchange and communications (1).
6 Data Interchange and communications (2).
7 7th week exam + Data Interchange and communications (3).
8 Data Interchange and communications (4).
9 Data Interchange and communications (5).
10 Industrial network using PLCs (1).
11 Industrial network using PLCs (2).
12 12th week exam + Industrial network using PLCs (3).
13 Industrial network using PLCs (4).
14 Industrial network using PLCs (5).
15 Industrial network using PLCs (6).
16 Final Exam.