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credit_hours 3
title Renewable Energy Systems
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Description/Outcomes Introduction to Renewable Energy Sources: Geothermal energy, Bio-Energy, Tidal sources of energy, Ocean energy, Solar energy, Wind Energy. – Solar Energy: Characteristics of solar radiation, Solar thermal energy (active solar heating, solar thermal energies, passive solar heating), Solar Photovoltaic: Basic considerations, Electrical Characteristics, PV system components and types, PV system sizing and applications, Present and future status of solar systems. – Wind Energy: Wind speed and Energy distribution (Speed / Power relation, Power extracted from the wind), System components, Electricity generation systems, Present and future status of wind systems. – Economics of Energy systems. – Environmental aspects of energy systems.
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objectives The student should be acquainted with: The various renewable energy systems. Decision making based on energy systems economics and environmental aspects.
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ref. books Bent Sørensem, “Renewable Energy”, ELSEVIER Academic press, 2004. Godfrey Boyle, “Renewable Energy”, Open University, Oxford, 2004. John Twidell, “Renewable Energy Resources”, Spon press, London, 2004.
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1 General overview of electricity demand, supply, industry structure, interconnected system operations and state of technology.
2 Energy conversion process.
3 Solarthermal energy.
4 Photovoltaic systems.
5 Tidal ocean wave energy.
6 Wind energy.
7 Wind energy (cont.).
8 Energy storage elements.
9 Grid integration of renewable energy systems.
10 Interaction of renewable energy source and power supply network.
11 Harmonics reduction techniques in renewable energy interfacing converters.
12 Hardware in the loop simulation of renewable distributed generation systems.
13 Demand (load) management with efficiency improvement.
14 Economics of energy systems.
15 Environmental aspects of energy systems.
16 Final Exam.