code GM411
credit_hours 3
title Computer Animation
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prequisites GM323
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Today`s animation industry creates films, special effects, and games with stunning visual detail and quality. This course covers animation planning and production, traditional and emerging animation techniques, current animation topics, motion dynamics and particle systems. In addition to developing a working knowledge of digital and traditional animation techniques and processes, a scholarly study of emerging advancements in computer animation technology will be included. The course also investigates the algorithms that make animations possible: key-framing, inverse kinematics, physical simulation, optimization, optimal control, motion capture, and data-driven methods. Our study will also reveal the shortcomings of these sophisticated tools.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives 1. Understand animation algorithms.
2. Translate a story into an effective and engaging visual representation.
3. Describe the animation production pipeline.
4. Manage files and workflow needed in the animation production pipeline.
5. Discuss and implement particle systems, dynamics simulations and advanced rigging techniques.
6. Discuss a variety of animation techniques including: stop motion animation, cel animation, clay animation, cutout animation, pixilation, motion capture.
7. Apply advanced/emerging animation techniques to development of original animated productions.
arabic objectives
ref. books Autodesk Maya, The Modeling and Animation Handbook (Autodesk Maya Techniques: Offical Autodesk Training Guides).
arabic ref. books
textbook Rick Parent, Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques, Morgan Kaufmann
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