code ME 534
credit_hours 3
title Energy Management
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prequisites 126 Credit Hours
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Energy classification- Sources and utilization - Principal fuels for energy conversion. - Petroleum fuels characteristics - World natural gas production and reserves -Gas pipe lines and underground storage - Liquefied natural gas and absorption of acidic gases from natural gas - Energy storage - Environmental impact of combustion of fuel - Source monitoring of NOx and SOx - Monitoring of carbon monoxide emissions - NOx control by furnace and burner design - Energy management systems - Total energy schemes - Energy recovery -Process integration- Pinch technology- Computer simulation using (MESSAGE).
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objectives The student should be able to: Acquire the management skills in the areas of energy classification, sources and utilization, energy conversion, environmental impact of combustion of fuels, monitoring of NOx, SOx and COx., emission control and energy management systems.
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ref. books Energy management handbook, Turner”, CRC, 2006, 6th edition. “Fundamentals of energy in buildings”, Glicksman, 1997. “Handbook of energy engineering” Albert Thumann, , Thermond Press Publisher, 1992, 5th editioin.
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