code ME 539
credit_hours 3
title Cryogenic Systems
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prequisites ME 434
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes This is a course in the generation and use of cryogenic fluids, and the design and construction of low temperature apparatus. This course provides instruction in fundamental principles for cryogenic systems, and applications such as LNG, and air liquefaction. Also modeling and simulating of cryogenic systems will be included in the course.
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objectives •Understand behavior of materials at low temperatures •Develop skills for designing cryogenic systems (which can include refrigeration, storage & transfer of cryogens, and instrumentation) •Encounter industry-defined cryogenic design problem
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ref. books •Ralph G. Scurlock, History and Origins of Cryogenics (Oxford) •Randall F. Barron, Cryogenic Systems (second edition) •Raymond G. Becker, John Gorrie, M.D. (Carlton Press) •Cryogenic Systems, by Randall F. Barron, Oxford Science Publications.
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textbook Cryogenic Engineering 2nd edition by Thomas M. Flynn, Dekker NY (1989)
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