code ME 555
credit_hours 3
title Material Handling Equipment
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prequisites 126 Credit Hours
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes a- Knowledge and Understanding Through knowledge and understanding, students will be able to:rna.1) Concepts and theories of mathematics and sciences, appropriate to the disciplinerna.3) Characteristics of engineering materials related to the disciplinerna.4) Principles of design including elements design, process and/or a system related to specific disciplines.rna.5) Methodologies of solving engineering problems, data collection and interpretationrna.8) Current engineering technologies as related to disciplinesrna.12) Contemporary Engineering Topicsrna.p.4) The constraints which mechanical power and energy engineers have to judge to reach at an optimum solutionrna.p.7) Basic theories and principles of some other engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines providing support to mechanical power and energy disciplines. rnb- Intellectual Skills Through intellectual skills, students will be able to:rnb.1) Select appropriate mathematical and computer-based methods for modeling and analyzing problems.rnb.2) Select appropriate solutions for engineering problems based on analytical thinking.rnb.3) Think in a creative and innovative way in problem solving and designrnb.5) Assess and evaluate the characteristics and performance of components, systems and processesrnb.6) Investigate the failure of components, systems, and processes.rnb.9) Judge engineering decisions considering balanced costs, benefits, safety, quality, reliability, and environmental impactrnb.10) Incorporate economic, societal, environmental dimensions and risk management in designrnb.12) Create systematic and methodic approaches when dealing with new and advancing technology. rnc- Professional Skills Through professional and practical skills, students will be able to:rnc.2) Professionally merge the engineering knowledge, understanding, and feedback to improve design, products and/or servicesrnc.3) Create and/or re-design a process, component or system, and carry out specialized engineering designsrnc.5) Use computational facilities and techniques, measuring instruments, workshops and laboratory equipment to design experiments, collect, analyze and interpret resultsrnc.7) Apply numerical modeling methods to engineering problemsrnc.12) Prepare and present technical reportsrnc.p.2) Prepare engineering drawings, computer graphics and specialized technical reportsrnc.p.3) Write computer programs pertaining to mechanical power and energy engineeringrnc.p.4) Describe the basic Thermal and fluid processes mathematically and use the computer software rnFor their simulation and analysisrnc.p.5) Design, operate, repair and maintain fluid hydraulic power systems for diverse applicationsrnc.p.6) Carry out preliminary designs of fluid transmission networks, internal combustion and steam engines and solve their operational problemsrnc.p.7) Work in mechanical power and energy operations, maintenance and overhaul rnd- General Skills Through general and transferable skills, students will be able to:rnd.6) Effectively manage tasks, time, and resourcesrnd.8) Acquire entrepreneurial skillsrnd.9) Refer to relevant literature rn
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objectives To gain experience and familiarily with material handling equipment in general modern engineering fields.
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ref. books J. Rodenko,” Material Handling Equipment “, Mir publication, 1966, 1st edition.
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textbook Lecture Notes
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Course Content
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1 Introduction to Hoisting Machinery
2 Cranes (Types, Drives, and Design Considerations)
3 Elevators (Drive, Design Considerations)
4 Miscellaneous Types of Hoisting Machinery
5 Introduction to Conveying Machinery
6 Belt Conveyors
7 Screw Conveyors / 7th week evaluation
8 Bucket and Cradle Conveyors
9 Introduction to Land Reclamation Machinery
10 Loaders Theory and Practice
11 Bulldozers Theory and Practice
12 Shovels and Graders / 12th week evaluation
13 Operation of the Various Types of Material Handling Machinery.
14 Maintenance of Material Handling Machinery
15 Safety Measures for Different Types of Machinery
16 Final examination