code ME533
credit_hours 3
title Air conditioning applications
arbic title
prequisites ME434
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes a- Knowledge and Understanding Through knowledge and understanding, students will be able to:rna.5) Methodologies of solving engineering problems, data collection and interpretationrna.10) Technical language and report writingrna.p.1) Fundamentals of thermal and fluid processesrn rnb- Intellectual Skills Through intellectual skills, students will be able to:rnb.2) Select appropriate solutions for engineering problems based on analytical thinking.rnb.11) Analyze results of numerical models and assess their limitations. rnc- Professional Skills Through professional and practical skills, students will be able to:rnc.3) Create and/or re-design a process, component or system, and carry out specialized engineering designsrnc.5) Use computational facilities and techniques, measuring instruments, workshops and laboratory equipment to design experiments, collect, analyze and interpret resultsc.6) Use a wide range of analytical tools, techniques, equipment, and software packages pertaining to the discipline and develop required computer programs. c.8) Apply safe systems at work and observe the appropriate steps to manage risks. c.12) Prepare and present technical reportsrnc.p.1) Use basic workshop equipment safely and appropriately.rnc.p.2) Prepare engineering drawings, computer graphics and specialized technical reports rnd- General Skills Through general and transferable skills, students will be able to:rnd.9) Refer to relevant literature rn
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives • To acknowledge the student about the air conditioning application in various building and industry
arabic objectives
ref. books • ASHRE hand book HVAC, applications volume
arabic ref. books
textbook • Modern refrigeration and air conditioning Althous, Androw Goodweart, Willcox
arabic textbook
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course file 53_ME533_Air Conditioning Applications ME533.pdf
Course Content
content serial Description
1 Domestic air conditioning and ventilation
2 Industrial air conditioning and ventilation
3 Industrial air conditioning and ventilation
4 Transportation units` air conditioning and ventilation-1
5 Transportation units` air conditioning and ventilation-2
6 Laboratories
7 Clean spaces
8 Printing factories
9 Textile Processing
10 Hospitals and clinics
11 Photo graphic industries
12 Environmental control of animals and plants / 12th week evaluation
13 Dry and storing farm corps.
14 Air conditioning of wood and paper products
15 Electronic industry
16 Final Examination