code MM750
credit_hours 3
title Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Introduction, simple harmonic motion, sinusoidal water waves, uncoupled heaving, pitching, and rolling motions, irregular seaway, motions in irregular seaway, Dynamic effects, motions in three dimensional irregular seaway, coupled heaving, and pitching motions, nonlinear rolling motions (uncoupled), powering in a seaway, loads due to motion, wave loads, motion stabilization, model tests, full scale trials, and scale effects, seakeeping considerations in design, seakeeping of advanced marine vehicles
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The student should become acquainted with:rn Different ship motions and the associated couplingsrn Ship motion in regular and irregular seawayrn Seakeeping qualities of marine vehiclesrn
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Course Content
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1  Introduction
2  Simple harmonic motion
3  Sinusoidal water waves
4  Uncoupled heaving, pitching, and rolling motions
5  Irregular seaway, motions in irregular seaway
6  Dynamic effects
7  Motions in three dimensional irregular seaway
8  Coupled heaving and pitching motions
9  Nonlinear rolling motions (uncoupled)
10  Powering in a seaway
11  Loads due to motion
12  Model tests, full scale trials, and scale effects
13  Seakeeping considerations in design
14  Seakeeping of advanced marine vehicles