code NC275
credit_hours 3
title Global Business
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes The course introduces the students to the concepts of international business environment, international trade and direct foreign investments, foreign exchange, and economic cooperation.
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objectives The objective of this course, which is a part of the college requirements, is to introduce the students from different disciplines to the ever-growing field of international business. It tackles the main issues of the evolution of firm strategy as part of the internationalization process, plus the countervailing forces that firms are likely to encounter during that process. In addition, the elements of the external international business environment are briefly introduced. The student will be better able to interact with the business world in the environment of globalization.
arabic objectives
ref. books Griffin and Pustay, “International Business”, Prentice Hall, latest edition.
arabic ref. books
textbook John D. Daniels and Lee H. Radebaugh, “International Business Environments & Operations”, Prentice Hall, latest edition.
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